Peterborough Heritage Festival

Hey guys! I thought my first post should be on an event/place I’ve visited recently that matters to me. Therefore, my first post will be on an event I attended earlier today – the Peterborough Heritage Festival.

I’m aware that to a lot of people a festival like this seems dull and boring, however today was definitely an unmissable experience.

The event was held at the Peterborough Cathedral, and the main events are happening from the 20th (today) to the 21st June (tomorrow). As part of the event they held a medieval joust – the first time one has taken place in an English town centre for over 500 years. Alongside the joust they had displays of different troops of soldiers throughout the ages. With the medieval music playing in the background, the medieval characters walking around, and the market stalls set up alongside the arenas with all their different aromas from their products – it all mixed together to give the event the authentic feel of a festival.

Although the weather wasn’t on our side, and everyone ended up having to get their umbrellas out, today has been a day that should be valued by the community. As a local myself, I’m aware that even though there are charities such as Vivacity trying to keep the traditional culture alive – they don’t always succeed. With Peterborough being such a multi-cultural place, the origins of the city can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked by both locals and visitors. Indeed, most people who live in Peterborough have never visited the Peterborough museum. To me that says we are overlooking our own heritage, and even though I am a strong believer in learning about new cultures, I think it is also important to remember your own. This festival has been a brilliant way of doing so.

Until next time!




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