This blog has the purpose of giving everyone an insight on places and events that I visit or/and have visited in the past. As a keen traveller, I really enjoy learning about new places and cultures – and I thought that my experiences and views could be shared on here so that other people can get a feel of the things I have experienced in my travels.

Why call it Sue’s Solstice?

Well, the Sue bit is because Sue is my nickname. The Solstice bit has a bit more history behind it. A Solstice for those that don’t know, is the word used to refer to the part of the sun cycle where it marks the longest and shortest days of the year (the winter and the summer solstice). Throughout the ages, the sun has been a spiritual symbol that symbolises growth and enlightenment. An unknown author has described the solstices as;

“(The) Winter Solstice is a time for celebration of the birth of the New, the birth of All ‘the advent of the Gift of Being, and the sheer surprise and Joy of Cosmogenesis. Summer Solstice is a time for celebration of the fulfillment of that Gift its Creativity come to fruition and full flowering: and a re-Union with the Source of All, as all is poured forth. Both Solstices may be a Moment/point of celebration of Mother Sun our lineage, and a Passion to fulfill our part in it.’

And the same author further added that;

“The Solstices may equally be a celebration of the Dark Womb from whom we emerge (as dark peaks at Winter Solstice) and to whom we return (as light peaks and the year cycle turns into the dark), as much as both may be a celebration of Light (which is most often the focus on both occasions).

As you can see, there is deep spiritual meaning behind a Solstice. I like to think of the Solstice as being symbolic of my travels. It is symbolic of all the new things I experience, the fulfilment I achieve from learning new things, the creativity that those experiences inspire me with and just pretty much a journey to enlightenment through knowledge.

Hope you guys enjoy the blog!

Thanks for reading,



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